Friday, July 18, 2008

Work Plan, Yarmag - Ярмаг Ажил

1. Site plan, site analysis (A2)
2. Site sections, site analysis (A2)
3. SiteI alt.1 (Baatar) Staff Accomm. sch. plan section facade (A2)
4. SiteI alt.2 (Khaasha) Play sch. plan section facade (A2)
5. SiteII Hotel Conference Fitness sch. plan section facade (A2)
6. SiteIII alt.1 (Baatar) Play sch. plan section facade (A2)
7. SiteIII alt.2 (Khaasha) Staff Accomm. sch. plan section facade (A2)
8. Captioned Site Photog. Use "Participatory Presentation" method in team for selection and captioning. (A2)
9. Sketches, Collage
10. Accommodation Brief
10.1 Hotel
10.2 Conference
10.3 Staff Accommodation
10.4 Play
incl int, ext, roads, gardens, ecol. features, ecol. footprint.
11. Market Appraisals; UB wide, International; Russia, China, Khazakstan etc
12. Precedent Studies; Structure, Roof of Beijing Airport (Foster)
13. Precedent Studies; Programme, Eden Project Cornwall (Grimshaw)
14. Precedent Studies; Conservation, Camley Street London Kings Cross
15. Precedent Studies; Theme Parks, Butlins Family Holiday Camps (UK)

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