Wednesday, July 16, 2008

After Naadam

After the team members attandance dwindled approaching the annual Naadam, I had a nice break, watching colleagues in the archery at a new stadium, getting a dose of sunburn in the bright white arena, and scoring tickets (thanks Uriana) for the opening ceremony at the National Stadium. Rising early on Saturday for the journey to the Horse Races in Хүй Долоон Худаг was worthwhile. A much needed Sunday rest was eschewed in favour of the Pinoy Picnic in a beautiful Хангайт Зуслан.

On Monday I had been asked to to advise Chingeltei Health on their hospital planning, and I went along with Tuya of MNFDPO, Nickson kakiri from VSO and Bolormaa from my college. Gecca, a VSO, works advising the hospital there, and arranged for us to meet the director Tungalag and her deputy Ulanbayar. No drawings were available to see, and it emerged that the architectural planning was being done by a second year MUST student 'volunteer'. The directors claimed they were unable to afford - or not aware of - Mongolian expertise in hospital planning, nor of aware of the disability umbrella org (MNFDPO), nor aware of the Mongolian accessibility norm. The concepts of preparing an architectural brief and of (Mongolian) professional support for the project and volunteers were discussed. I noted 14 action points, many involving working with Mongolians - watch this space.

The Yarmag and Sanzai client meetings were rolled over to Tuesday. After waiting (in vain) for a college plumber at home on Tuesday morning - following the invasion of a neighbours plumber to disable our toilet and shower at almost midnight on Saturday - I held a full team meeting at the college, to take stock of progress and prepare for the meetings.

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