Monday, April 27, 2015

Nomads Won't Stand Still for Their Portraits

Potential Architecture - P3 Gallery

Gabriel Coxhead - Potential Architecture in Time Out

texts in collaboration with Cornelius Stiefenhofer and Joar Nango from the catalogue:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mongolian Bling

I was aware of the beginnings of research on this project when I was in Ulaanbaatar, so it was great to learn recently that the film has just premiered in Perth, Australia.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bare House

The book documents a project, curated by Annu Wilenius, involving many artists, writers and architects, about "the contemporary experience of dwelling and existence"

Bare Streets
In my chapter, I describe the banners I made for Pori, and their connection to the Bare House project, to the streets of peri-urban Ulaanbaatar, and to this blog about living as an "architect-teacher-trainer" in Ulaanbaatar.

"The future of architecture and streets in peri-urban Ulaanbaatar is in the hands of people like Gursed, Lkhagvaa, Uyanga and Delgerdalai..." (p.83)

The book also features the short film "City of Felt", in the accompanying DVD, and the works of fourteen others.

9 July 2008 with Uyanga and others

Sept 2007; how the year at the college began

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Where to go? What to do?
Boloormaa gives her view on what International Volunteers ought to think about before going to Mongolia - she suggests where she thinks they might be most useful, and explains a little about her work with Voluntary Service Overseas in Mongolia.


More about my time in Mongolia
Detailed report and story

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The Bare House exhibition in Pori ended in early September, and the works are on their way back to the contributors or into storage, pending a future exhibition.

The publication for the 2009 Vienna Symposium, 'Along the Great Wall, China and Mongolia' with a paper on this UB architect-teacher-training project, is to be published in the near future.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Paljas Talo - Bare House

(Bare House English - scroll down)

Blogi kertojan vuosi elävät Ulaanbaatar toiminut arkkitehti opettajien kouluttajana

Valitut tuo esiin,
Pyörätuolin Tour
Kestävä matkailu
Live Projektit

Gregory Cowan, Pori 2010

Bannerit alla esillä Porin varten Bare House tehdä viime viestissä Mongolian. Sanat 2008 valmistunut, overlaid minun valokuvat kaupunkimaisema kaupungin muodostavat joukon "postikortteja" päässä Ulan Bator, tehty Ulan Batorissa vuonna 2010

Kaupunkisuunnittelu on jonkinlaista kehitystä
1 - Olemme hyvin, työtä
2 - kesä on tulossa Mongoliassa, lämpenee on mukava
3 - Aion tehdä töitä puolella, vauva on kunnossa
4 - huhtikuun rakennustyöt alkavat Mongoliassa mielestäni
5 - se siitä, hyvin, bye

Porin Taidemuseo Exhibition Catalogue (pdf)

This blog, exhibited Summer 2010 in Pori, Finland, narrates the year living in Ulaanbaatar working as architect teacher trainer (2007-2008).

selected highlights are;

Wheelchair Tour
Sustainable Tourism
Live Projects
Participatory Methods

Gregory Cowan, Pori 2010

The banners, like the one above, exhibited in Pori for Bare House (link below), carry a recent message, in Mongolian. The words of a 2008 graduate, overlaid on my photographs of the urban landscape of the city, form a set of 'greeting postcards' from Ulaanbaatar, made in a printing shop in Ulaanbaatar in May 2010

(bare house, bare street)
Urban design is a kind of development
1- we are fine, working
2- summer is coming in Mongolia, warming up will be nice
3- I will do some work on the side, baby is fine
4- from April building work will begin in Mongolia I think
5- that's about it, well, bye

Pori Art Museum Exhibition Catalogue (pdf)