Friday, July 18, 2008


Walking in the dusty heat through Khangai this morning, I noted the names on fences; streets or lots (Khangai 2, Khangai 4, Khangai 1). People were collecting water. As I passed the depot, a family came walking on the track towards me. As I nodded a greeting to a grandmother, she paused and extended towards me a polystyrene-plated parcel of dried fruit from which she had been eating. I selected a glace cherry and said "bayarlalaa" (thank you).

Today I drafted the skeleton of a work schedule for the team for the next week while I take leave. I made fifteen points for Yarmag. These include nine A2 drawings, including site analyses and options for two of the sites, a programme brief, and case studies for Roof Structure (Fosters Beijing) Programme (Eden Cornwall) Conservation Education (Camley Street) and Theme Parks (Butlins).

For Sanzai I noted nine similar points, with an 'ecological footprint' study and case studies of Hockerton and BedZED. For each project, I also started project discussion groups on the college Flickr group.

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