Tuesday, July 08, 2008

MonZED (эко-мэко хаус-маус)

Yesterday, I presented online material (translated into Mongolian with Bolormaa) about the design and technology of BedZED (Beddington Zero Energy Development) as a case study; solar orientation, passive thermal design and ventilation, green roofs, water harvesting and recycling, central heating and power plant, insulation values of materials, etc.

BedZED (as one possible form of Eco House.. "эко-мэко хаус-маус") seemed to get their creative juices flowing, and Gursed and Dalai today produced a sectional schematic. Meanwhile Dalai's attempts to investigate the EcoSan toilet by phoning Boojum Expeditions were in vain.

Soberingly, I found the two poring over the daily newspaper Өнөөдөр's half page story in Mongolian on David Fisher's (senseless) 'Dynamic Architecture' Dubai Tower. As an alternative impromptu brainstorming exercise, I had them find (by reading pictures) ten relevant technologies / ideas from ten copies of RIBA Journal I had brought in. Their ten ideas ranged from sewage tanks, to roof lights, to wall insulation, to metal wall cladding(??), and will form the basis of drawings which would substantiate an 'eco-house' brief.

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