Thursday, March 13, 2008


Spring weather here can be 'four seasons in one day'. It was foggy, then snowing yesterday, then sunny, then icy cold. Otherwise, business as usual. Excavation began on site for the basement of the new school building, adjacent to the existing. The ground was frozen, and the digger operator broke the tines on the bucket. Today he and his friend were trying to arc-weld them back in place.

As I was about to leave the apartment, a man came to the door, insisting on spraying a chemical in wet areas. Although he offered no identification, he wore a CXX cap, suggesting he may be city council worker. I acceded, knowing we would be away for a couple of days. He indicated it was a mould inhibitor, but I declined to pay a fee on the spot. Yesterday after my evening Mongolian lesson, I helped a colleague prepare a translation for a Children's charity representative who would lobby a Mongolian MP this morning.

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