Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Today was the first time I have been asked for paediatric advice. My young cleaner colleague has bought some baby nutrition formula for the youngest of her five, and was unable to read the advice in German. Through translation in English, via Ariunaa we were able to establish the preparation method and danger to teeth and infants under eight months.

English speakers club on 26 April met at the Stupa at the Buddhist Centre, then went in two taxis to a newly established Czech-funded social work library in the National University. Host, Erdenechimeg had gathered social work students and the meeting grew to twenty one, filling the library. After introductions, conversation led from the history of social work in Mongolia to its future, and following a video, on to the nature of volunteering, which was clearly a heurism for many of those gathered. Four had come from our college, besides myself, and interacted well with the diverse group; tying in Amnesty, VSO, Caritas, Disability advocacy NGOs, as well as students. At some points the discussion was so interesting English was dropped in favour of Mongolian. Afterwards, a few friends from among our group went to the Railway station to investigate tickets for a future weekend getaway.

The Sunday 27 was my twentieth English lesson with neighbours Enkbat and Solongo, and I brought in an assistant in 16 year old Anja. Daughter of an English student neighbour from nearby building 19, Anja had previously joined the three of us for ice-skating and I suggested might be a replacement English teacher in future.

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